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  43. 2605 Bay Blvd, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785 Pre-Construction. To be built. Pre-Construction. To be built. One of the last open water lots in Indian Rocks Beach!!!!. Waterfront custom 5 bedroom, 4 bath home designed and built by Steven Anthony Luxury Homes. The custom 3,758 sq. ft. waterfront home in Indian Rocks Beach has stunning coastal architectural design and exceptional finishes to create a signature Steven Anthony luxury home. The open concept, three-story floorplan contains a ground floor 4 car garage, elevator, and entry foyer to the 2nd floor with an open kitchen concept with center island and state-of-the-art appliances. The spacious Dining Room and Great room allow plenty of space to entertain and relax. The 3rd floor has Showing 9 matching properties © 1999 – 2022 Christie’s International Real Estate all rights reserved.Powered by GTS: Real Estate Websites Real Estate CRM All information provided herein has been obtained from sources believed reliable, but may be subject to errors, omissions, change of price, prior sale, or withdrawal without notice. Christie’s International Real Estate and its affiliates make no representation, warranty or guaranty as to accuracy of any information contained herein. You should consult your advisors for an independent verification of any properties. Looking at the median rent price for an apartment in Lucerne, Switzerland, you can note that it remains flat with a price tag of CHF 2,537. Compass does not discriminate against voucher holders pursuant to applicable law With more than 80 distinctive rental communities, PMC Property Group can help you find the ideal space to suit your lifestyle. We’re crafting our community to be a place of residential luxury and comfort. Residents will have access to a fitness center, community room, and outdoor entertaining areas. The life you’ve been dreaming of is awaiting you at The Luxe at Pepper Pike. Take advantage of the opportunity to make this unparalleled community your new home. Reserve yours today. Contact us today for details Renovated Homes Steve Gebing and Cliff David of Institutional Property Advisors (IPA), a division of Marcus & Millichap, represented the seller and procured the buyer in the deal, which is the largest single-asset core multifamily sale in Arizona history, according to IPA.

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